Can I bring a Moto G4 plus into my existing RW account?

can I bring a new unlocked Moto G4 plus into my existing RW account?

Sure, look at Coverage Check to make sure you have good enough cellular coverage* in your area for “Bring your own phone”, and check Bring your own phone to Republic! to make sure your G4 Plus is truly compatible and to order a SIM card.

  • cellular coverage for the “Bring your own phone” SIM card will likely not be adequate if you see: Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.

Be sure to check the model number of the phone.

The XT1641 is the International version of the G4 Plus and will NOT work with Republic Wireless.

Only the XT1644 - North American factory unlocked version will work with RW.

We have good coverage in my area, and I brought two XT1644 Moto G4 Plus phones to RW and they work great. We previously had Moto X phones, but these G4’s work much better.

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