Can I bring a phone, or not?


I want to buy a Moto X4. It is available for me to purchase and use in area code 50263. Comparing prices, I can purchase the X4 elsewhere for a discount. But when I try the ‘bring a phone’ option through RW, it says that I cannot bring any phone for area code 50263. I know that I don’t get the best coverage on RW once I leave my city, but I don’t understand why it will let me buy the phone through RW, but not bring the exact same phone. Please help me understand.


BYOD SIMs are GSM based while a phone ordered from Republic can be either GSM or CDMA based on the coverage checker, when the coverage checker said BYOD is not available it is noting that you are in GSM roaming area
You should still be able to order the SIM, activate on GSM then request a CDMA SIM card though Republic support opening a ticket after the phone is activated on GSM


RW’s automated software has determined that your zip code is best served by Sprint (CDMA technology) and not R-Mobile *GSM technology). This was the case where I live but in areas I frequent GSM works best for me so, using the T-Mobile coverage map, I found a zip served by them and used that as my ZIP in the coverage checker. The options are based on the ZIP used in the coverage checker which can be different from the zip where you live.