Can I bring in Moto G Stylus, Moto E, or misc Samsung galaxy

Only select phones are listed as usable for Republic. My Moto G Play just died - a fried port and will cost more than half the cost to repair it as it will to replace it. I am very disappointed that a phone with light use would only last three years. Meanwhile, I am researching replacements and some Samsung Galaxies and Motorola phones show up here as transferable, but not all. So I am wondering, will other models really not work with Republic or is this just an attempt to keep me buying my phone from them?

Hi @mahinan.besrsw,

It’s not a ploy. Republic offers phones for sale at its online store to make sourcing a compatible phone convenient. You may purchase the phone anywhere you like, however it must be a compatible phone. If it’s not an exact match for one on Republic’s compatibility list, it will not work with Republic. Here’s the list: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


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