Can I buy a Moto G Power 64 Gig previously Cricket for RW use?

I need to replace an old RW moto 4 Play phone, and I’m looking to replace it with a Moto G Power (used) which was previously a Cricket phone since none are available from the RW store. Can I simply swap the SIM over from this old phone to this used Moto G Power? What issues do I need to keep in mind?


Only the model numbers, North American Factory Unlocked versions, and if applicable the associated build numbers listed are compatible with our service. If you are bringing a phone from, or have purchased a phone through, another carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc) it will not be compatible with our service. If a phone has another company’s brand associated with it (Verizon, AT&T, etc) it is not officially supported, even if the mode number below matches and even if the carrier-branded phone has been unlocked.

Motorola is currently having a sale on a Republic Wireless compatible Moto G Power (2020):

Swappa has a section for used Republic Wireless compatible phones:


Hi @angiet.fcwrlx Simply, no.

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