Can i buy a new charger on Republic website?


for Moto X Pure, but that doesn’t really matter. just need to know if i can buy a new charger through Republic.


Yes absolutely, another option is on amazon Android chargers


ok, where do i go on Republic to buy? and will they just replace the one that is not working since i just bought it with a new phone May 2017?


Accessories are available from Republic Wireless at Accessories | Republic Wireless. I don’t know that they will replace a broken charger, but you can try submitting a Help Ticket | Republic Wireless. I imagine it would be Motorola who would be on the hook for an accessory warranty (although I’m not sure what the warranty period is on an accessory). You can contact Motorola at


Republic currently has no OEM chargers (they do have 1 3rd party charger )
I find that any carrier accessories are over priced
one can usally find OEM chargers on Amazon and third party Quick chargers can also be found cheaper on amazon

If you feel that your current charge failed due to a warranty issue one can contact Motorola and see if they will send you one (as they provide the 1 year warranty on the phone)


great thanks!

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Sorry I couldn’t answer I had other doings at hand but my friends @cbwahlstrom & @drm186 have excellent answers along with my Amazon answer. I find the cost of a new charger like an Anker is a great choice at Amazon. They are strong and durable & probably better quality being in the aftermarket sector than OEM.

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