Can I buy a new E5 Moto phone and keep my existing plan

I have a Moto X phone. Can I buy a new Moto E5 phone and keep my existing plan.

If by Moto X…you mean the Moto X1 or X2 running the Refund or 1.0 plan…then the answer is NO…that is not feasible… the only plan that works with the E5 play is the My Choice plan.

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hi, my cell number is ■■■■can you verify if I can keep my current plan and buy a new moto E5 phone at your store.

We cant look up that info here.
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If you have one of the Legacy phones, (X1 or X2) on the 1.0 or 2.0 Refund plan, you can not keep the same plan if you upgrade to the current 3.0 or My Choice phone, or any BYOP.
See Compatible phones list.

If you have the older Moto X1 or X2, then no, you can not keep your current plan.
If it is a newer Moto X, then yes, you are already on the My Choice plan.

This post on another thread explains things a bit

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