Can I buy a new phone, and stay on my Refund Plan 2.0?



I’m wondering if I can upgrade my phone, by purchasing a phone on the Republic website, but stay on my Refund Plan? I do not want to switch to the new Plans.

If I can, how do I take advantage of the Moto Z Play phone $100 refund, but not have to switch plans (and not get the 6 months free)?


moto z play



No, sorry. The new phones only work on the new plans.


Hi @ryanm.46s5u5!

Simply put, the answer is no. You cannot buy a phone off of Republic’s website anymore and it be compatible with the refund plans. However, you can still find 2.0 (Refund) compatible phones used at third party websites such as eBay or Swappa. The phones that are compatible with the refund plans are the following: Moto e1 and e2, Moto G1 and G3, and Moto X1 and X2. Just make sure the phone is a Republic one and not an unlocked one. Hope that helps! Sorry I couldn’t bring you better news.