Can I buy a phone from Motorola and use it on Republic?

I went on Republic to buy a phone and I clicked the “NEW MOTOS” section only to notice they are all sold out. So I went to Motorola and they are available only waaaaaay cheaper. My question is, can I buy an unlocked phone from Motorola and use it with Republic? I’m pretty sure I can but wanted to check first. Thank you!

Hi @josephk.o5v48u and welcome to the Community!

Many but not all phones sold at Motorola’s U.S. website are Republic compatible. When purchasing a phone for use with Republic directly from Motorola, please be certain you are purchasing a model on Republic’s list of compatible phones linked here:

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Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it! I keep breaking the screens so for the money I’m saving by buying from Motorola, I can get a case and a 2 year replacement plan. This is awesome!

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