Can i buy a phone on ebay and activate it through republic wireless or do i have to buy it through republic wireless?

Specially the Samsung galaxy s7

If it the model 930U then yes you can. Other models will not work. The key is the U. You will also need to buy a SIM from RW or Amazon.

If it is this one then no, it is the Verizon version:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930 - 32GB - New in Box Black Galaxy S7 | eBay

How do u know if it is the U one.also why wouldn’t the version one work, does it have to be unlocked?

RW takes each model through a certification process. Those that are certified are listed in this document:

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

Also, if you go to the Phones section (link at the top of this page) you can scroll down to the BYOD section.

Some models of the S7 have been converted to the U model but even that complex re-flashing procedure doesn’t work on the V (Verizon) version.

I’m specifically looking for an s7 or s7 if I buy an unlocked one how would I know if it the U thing?

when searching eBay use SM-G935U model number for the S7 Edge (SM-G930U for the S7)

an F is the European version (also Factory unlock but Repubic does not support

an A would be AT&T version

an P is Sprint version (P use to stand for PCS)

an T is T-mobile version

an V is Verizon version

the U is the North American Regional Factory unlock and the only one Republic does support

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