Can I buy a private seller MotoG 3rd Gen to use on a 2.0 plan?


I am currently on Rep. 2.0 plan with a Moto E. I really want to get a phone for my husband, but I am only interested in the 2.0 plan (only use less than .1 G data a month for emergencies)

I know Republic doesn’t sell the phones anymore for the 2.0 plan, but I saw some MotoG 3rd gen phones on Amazon. How do you tell if a phone from a private seller (Amazon) could be activated to Republic? I know the moto G 3rd gen was a phone on the 2.0 plan, but I don’t know much about locked/unlocked phones, and I don’t want to buy a phone and then have it be incompatible with Republic in general.


@jeannea.g3500m, in order for the Moto G 3rd Gen to work with Republic 2.0, it would need to be a phone that was specific to Republic to begin with. The Bring Your Own Phone program only works with the phones listed for sale currently by Republic. All of the phones that worked with the 2.0 plans had a custom ROM that Republic built and therefore are “locked” to Republic service.

You might be ahead to check sites like swappa and ebay for a used Republic Moto G 3rd Gen. I don’t think that a new one from Amazon would be compatible.



The new Moto G3 phones Amazon/others currently sell are generic unlocked versions and can not be used on the RW plans.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

If the 3.0 GSM coverage would be a good fit in your area you may want to consider one of the new phones on the $15 plan and change the plan for $5 only when emergencies arise.