Can I buy a used moto e second gen and switch my sim card from my current moto e first gen to it?


I dropped my phone and shattered the screen…wondering if it would be possible to just buy a used phone and replace it? I have a moto e first gen and would like a moto e second gen.



The Moto E 1st Gen doesn’t have a SIM, and that’s not the way it works with those Republic phones.

  1. You would need to make sure to get a Republic version of the E2. Any one that works with another carrier or is advertised as unlocked won’t work.

  2. The activation process allows you to indicate that phone is a replacement, thereby moving your number and plan and deactivating the old phone.


hi this has always boggled my mind. That its not intuitive on how to upgrade ones phone… In order to buy a new phone on the website it is requiring me to buy a plan which i dont need. Could you guys add a phone upgrade button… it sounds like this previous message is saying that i can just buy a new phone and my old plan will transfer onto that phone… is this correct?


Hi @Sassafras, I understand this can be confusing. There are different phones out there that are compatible with different plans. There are the phones that are specific to Republic due to a custom ROM which support the 1.0 and 2.0 plans. There are also the unlocked phones that support the 3.0 plans that do not have a custom ROM. If you are considering buying a newer phone, you will have to change to a 3.0 plan. If you are able to buy a used Republic specific phone from an outside source, then you could transfer your current plan if you are on a 1.0 or 2.0 plan. As to the phone upgrade button, we are customers helping customers and that would have to be introduced through the Republic team. Hope this helps, it can get confusing.


There used to be an upgrade button, people forgot to check it, and it caused all kinds of issues. Customers begged Republic to just let them buy a phone and not have to worry about if it was a new line or upgrade or even for a different account, so that’s what we have now.

Indication of upgrade is now done at activation. If you’re on a plan eligible to move to that phone it moves your plan and number, if not, then just the number is moved.


Thanks Dalton… thats nice of you to be a customer that is providing
support… How do i know which plan I have? I pay 11.37 a month for
unlimited txt and talk… =/ … i guess it looks like its actually on 3 $
extra a month… but no more refunds if i upgrades…


@ that price point, you are on a legacy plan of 1.0 or 2.0. If you receive refunds for your unused data, then you are on the 2.0 plan.



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