Can I buy a used RW moto X 1st gen off Ebay, and still activate it on 2.0 plan?

The ones I am looking at say they can only be used with Rep wireless, and they are the phones that used to be sold with 2.0 plans, but can a new customer still activate one and be on the 2.0 Plan?

@jeannea.g3500m, you should be able to buy the phone from ebay and activate it on a 2.0 plan as a new customer. If this question is a follow-up question to the one you asked earlier about the Moto G and buying it for your husband, then you already have an account. You would be adding the Moto X 1st Gen from ebay as a second line on your account. Either way, as a new customer or adding the phone to your account, the Moto X 1st Gen should be able to be activated on a 2.0 plan.

Some info for you.

Reactivating My Republic Phone

As others have mentioned you must have a Motorola phone that was specifically manufactured for Republic Wireless

  • Moto E - (1st Gen XT1019)
  • **Moto E2 - **(2nd Gen XT1526)
  • **Moto G1 - **(1st Gen XT1031)
  • **Moto G3 - **(3rd Gen XT1548)
  • **Moto X1 & X2 - **(1st Gen XT1049 ) (**2nd Gen **XT1094 )
    The document Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones outlines the process and further states the following
  • Check to make sure the phone can be reactivated
    First, you’ll need the MEID (serial number) of the phone from the seller. Then, open a Republic Help ticket and one of our Help team members will let you know if that phone can be activated on Republic or not.

Where can I find the MEID (serial number)

:settingsicon: Settings/About phones/Status/IMEI information

Thank you.

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