Can I change from one account to two separate accounts?


My husband and I have two separate phones on one account. I now want two separate accounts so that my business can pay for my cell phone. Is there a way for me to do this?


the Main account hold needs to create a ticket to split off a phone into a new account


Just to expand on @drm186’s excellent response, due to privacy and security laws, only the account owner can make these changes, and, it cannot be done remotely. This will require RW tech support.


I am curious if this is an accounting need…or do you need to set up two separate cards for the payments?

The itemized bill clearly states the individual charges for the two lines of service…so in terms of the billing there is nothing combined or lumped together…even when the phones are on the same account.


I need to pay for one phone line with a different bank card than the other phone line.


Ok, thanks for the follow up…you will need to submit a help ticket to split off one of the phones into its own account as noted by @drm186 and then you can use the different bank card to pay for it.


I am the account owner. I need to pay for one line separately on a separate credit card from the other each month. One is a business phone and needs to be paid by my business credit card. The other is not.
Can I do that without separating into 2 accounts?


Unfortunately, the online account portal does not support multiple payment options for the same account…so your only option is to split the account off into two accounts.