Can I change the launcher on a phone set up for Republic Wireless?

HI, I’m wanting to set up a phone for my elderly parents but the smart phones are just to much for them to deal with. I found that I can change the mobile launcher on Android phone to a simple face with just big wanted app buttons. Like Contacts, Dialer, Messages, and other needed but simple to use apps plus an Emergency/Help button. This would be kind of like the Jitterbug but a smart phone rather then a flip phone and cheaper. What I’m looking at is the launcher called Baldphone. If anyone has done this or played with similar launchers please let me know.



I haven’t used that launched but have played with: and both of which work fine.

But to answer your questions, yes, you’re free to use any launcher you’d like.

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I installed Wiser for my mother in-law a number of years ago. She and I had no problem with it, except for her grandchildren uninstalling it about a year later. She has a new phone now and is used to the stock Android launcher.

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I use the paid version of the Nova Launcher on my Pixel, its very nice.

I setup the Evie Launcher on my old Moto X2 for my dad to use (can make the icons bigger) and he has had no problems either.

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