Can I connect Moto G4 Play to projector to watch videos?

I want to see if I can connect my Moto G4 Play to my projector in order to watch videos. However, I’m having trouble finding the right cable. The projector has connectors for VGA cables and USB B. I thought USB B would be the best option, but I’m having a hell of a time finding a Micro USB to USB B cable. Would a Micro USB to VGA cable work fine? Has anyone tried this before?

Micro USB to VGA should work. But, the resulting video quality would be significantly inferior to that of a microUSB to USB connection. Perhaps you would have more luck looking for a USB adapter to go with a more readily available type of USB cable.

Does the projector have HDMI? If so, something like a Chromecast might be your best option – and wireless, too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have HDMI. Next time I get a projector, I’ll look for that.

Thanks, I don’t why I didn’t think about just getting an adapter.

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