Can I data share with my wife?

My wife and I share 1 gb of data. Is there a way to give my wife all of the data for her phone and none for me?

Hi @brooksl.s5ferz,

Republic Wireless does not offer any data-sharing options. Each line has a specific amount of data available to it. If you’d like to set up your line to have no data and your wife’s line to have 1 GB of data, you would do that by signing in as the account owner in the Republic Wireless app on each phone.

RW doesn’t allow you to pool data between lines. However, if her phone has a data plan (1GB), she can share it with you when you are in the same locale by turning turning on her mobile hotspot feature, and connecting your phone to hers via Wi-Fi. Not a perfect solution in that you have to be in the same location, and you will likely use a little bit of data when making calls from your phone.

There is no data sharing between users per: Can I Share Data Between Two or More Phones on My Account? – Republic Help
Each phone has it’s own data plan, you can just drop yours

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