Can I get a new number when I activate?


I know it’s silly question but can I get new phone number.

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Take a look at this document on step by step instructions on how to change your phone number.


Hello Amit,

I don;t want to port any old number during activation. I would like to get a new number during activation. Is it possible?


I got the answer and received new number.


Do you have an existing line of service with RW? Will you keep that active as well?


Hi @navalg.indy,

I see you found your answer, but since this is a forum meant to help all our members, I’ll just explain for others:

When you activate a phone with Republic Wireless the phone will be assigned a new number.

Anyone who does want to bring a number from a different provider should check to make sure that we can accept the number, here: Number check tool. The process to actually move the number is explained in this document. Number Transfers

Anyone who simply wants to change the number they were assigned, can do so with the instructions in the Number Change document @amitl linked.


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