Can I get a phone sized phone to use on RW?


I have a gen 1 Moto X . I’m happy with it but apparently there will be no Android updates for it. So I’d like to replace it, but everything I’ve looked at is much bigger. I only use it for calls and texting - I don’t need a movie screen in my pocket.

Is there any current (or a generation back) reasonably priced phone that is isn’t a phreakin’ phablet ??


Hi @robbw.lorwuo

The tendency for manufacturers has been bigger is better. 5" diagonal is about as small as you’re going to get. Replying from a Moto X pure which seemed huge is at first, but now everything else seems small.
You do get used to the size difference, if that’s any consolation.
You could pick up a used Moto X 2nd generation, I believe those were 4.7".


The Moto X2 is just about the same size as the Samsung S7 and J3, which I think Robb can adjust to at an inch taller and a half an inch wider. Unfortunately, in the US market for Android, big is better.

Robb can go to to compare phone sizes.


Moto X 2nd is 5.2"

I will also point out the the design of the phones are making the 5" phone more manageable (1 handed) than they uses to be
the BYOD Alcatel A30, the Moto G4 Play, and Samsung Galaxy J3 are all 5" phones


Well what the heck was I thinking, I’m guessing the X1 is 4.7?.. so yeah, .5 inch is easy to adjust to.

Honestly, when someone hands me a 5" phone to look at something, it seems so tiny to me. That being said, I would no-way go larger than the MXP next time around.


The 0.5 you refer to is diagonal screen size. The phones are about 3/4"
taller and 1/4"+ wider. But I’m finding there’s no way to get a Moto X size
phone any more. I think I’ll go with an S6.


I was the same mind as you until I got my Moto X Pure…and it does take some getting used to…but now that I am used to it… I do like the bigger size screen…especially when I am looking at photos/videos or even web-pages where I can see a lot more at a font easy on the eyes.


I’ll change with the times (since I don’t have much choice!).


Only caution with the S6 is that it is a GSM only phone…so be sure to look at the coverage checker to make sure
that that will work of for you in your area. Your existing Moto X1 has CDMA coverage.
If the checker says that BYOP is not supported in your area…then the S6 wont be a good fit for you.



Hey, just a thought. I know that most want the newest phone, but I have picked up a couple of used Moto e 4.5 inch or moto g3 5.0 through 2nd hand local outlets. Of course you’ll have to be very aware of what you are buying. New is best, but I’ve had great sucess so far. It has made me very happy to then purchase from Republic this latest time around, which we did. (an old stock g3 several months ago)

addendum: If you are looking at moto e phones, be aware that the operating system could be kitkat or lollipop. I don’t recommend the kitkat, especially if you are using it as an entertainment device for vudu. (vudu runs now only on 5.0 or newer) Kitkat moto e phones have been a bit quirky in my experience, we just had to replace one (hence the got it used) Any other questions feel free to ask me. Not that I’m an expert by any means.


Wow. Thanks! I now see that BYOP isn’t supported in my zip. Guess I’ll
have to go with the G4 play if I want to upgrade.


I’d have to do some spec comparisons, but what do you want for the G3?


Never mind. It won’t get marshmallow.


Yeah, if you want marshmallow you’ll need to go with a newer 5" phone. Hope you find something that’ll work for you.


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