Can I get a Sim Card for an Unlock Phone?


If I’m interested in buying a Motorola g6 play which is an Unlock phone. I would like to get on the republic wireless plans with it. Can I get a SIM card for it?


as long as the Moto G6 Play is the North American Factory unlocked (and not just carrier unlocked) Model number XT1922-9 then the BYOD SIM will work (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless)


If you have access to the phone then install the republic wireless app

to confirm compatibility. If you are acquiring it from a third party reseller such as on ebay… then confirm the exact model number as noted by @drm186 above before proceeding with buying the phone.


So if the Model number is TAA30001US then it won’t work. Correct?


Are you certain about TAA30001US? Might it be PAA30001US? The number you reference looks like it might be a Motorola manufacturer’s part number (sometimes listed by retailers as an alternative to a model number) but these typically begin with a P rather than a T. Alternatively, if shopping online, might you have a link to the listing you’re looking at?


That is what the Best Buy people told me when I asked them what the Model Number is for the Motorola g6 play.


I think either they misspoke or you misheard. PAA30001US is the manufacturer’s part number for the Moto G6 Play that is sold by Best Buy and is compatible with Republic, I don’t believe a phone with the TAA model number exists.


I believe this is the phone at Best Buy: It is indeed PAA30001US not TAA30001US and is compatible with Republic. Please note, however, that Best Buy cannot activate a phone with Republic and, therefore, you would be paying the $199 “I’ll activate later price” not $99. For what it’s worth, Republic is selling the G6 Play for the same $199.