Can I get a volunteer to help me troubleshoot my University's text messaging platform?

I am an IT employee at the University of Utah. We have purchased licenses on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and are in process of configuring our system for our first campaign. Unfortunately, I cannot get the campaigns to neither respond to text messages from my phone nor send their own directly to my phone; I am a Republic Wireless subscriber. My fiance and mother are both also subscribers, same problem. Everyone else I’ve reached out to at the University, who are not RW subscribers, are able to interact with the system as expected; the problem appears to be solely with RW phone #s.

Our implementation partner submitted a ticket to Salesforce, who apparently has been working with the major carriers, and they have come back requesting screenshots of 5 different phones texting the word “HELP” to our short code and not getting a response within 5 minutes.

So, I have 3 already in hand, lacking 2. Would a few of you kindly PM me to exchange my short code and submit me your screenshots? I think it would be helpful to also share the phone #s with SF support but if that makes you nervous you could omit the last-4 digits so at least they could see it was indeed 5 unique phones.

Anyone that would kindly help me must be located inside the U.S. at the time of the sends (that’s a pre-req from SF support).

Please PM me if you would like to help. Thank you for considering.
~ Brandon

EDIT to add: I know this is a semi-common problem with RW, where some text-services won’t engage with our numbers – though in my experience it’s nearly always been around MFA use-cases rather than actual messaging. I don’t know if my specific use-case will actually be fixed, nor if it would have any sort of automatic application to all of the others, but I would guess this might at least be a chance?

Hi @bane1973 ,

I will send you a DM and work on this with you. I’m just posting here so others will know you are getting assistance. :slight_smile:


Hi @bane1973,

Glad to help with this, too, which ought to give you the five examples you need.

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