Can I get credit/sell back my Republic phone with a broken screen?

I see that community members can sell phones and that Republic sells refurbished phones. I just cracked my screen but the phone itself still works. The crack looks too serious to just cover up with a screen protector and I was needing to get a new phone anyway as I might be spending some months overseas and I was told that this particular model cannot be unlocked (Moto X 2nd Gen.). I love Republic and would rather stick with these phones/service for the months that I am in the US. Since Republic offers refurbished phones, could I sell mine back and get credit towards another Republic phone (different model)?

Certified Pre-owned Phones

Republic doesn’t sell on the open market refurbish phones they may offer a B-stock phone under certain conditions usually around the level of a customer phone that was lost /damages

Republic also does not buyback phones for cash or credit (other than the 14 day money back policy)

your damaged Moto X does still have some value you can sell it as a damaged/parts on swappa or ebay

I’d also point out, Republic doesn’t have the facilities to repair phones. Any phones used as B-Stock are phones returned by other members exercising Republic’s Money Back Guarantee. Phones returned under that guarantee must be in resalable condition.

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