Can I give my Moto G (1st Gen) to a friend on RW?


I have a Moto G (1st Gen) that is currently active on RW. I’d like to upgrade and give my Moto G to a friend of mine, who would be a new RW customer. Is the Moto G still supported as a “bring your own phone”? I can’t find it on the website as such.



A Moto G 1gen is a legacy refund plan phone. After you get the new phone active and situated then the old phone can be factory reset. Your friend can then activate it


Republic does not list legacy phones as BYOD as they have Custom ROM and are still considered Republic devices no matter where one gets them on the second hand market
as @bocephous points out legacy devices are activated on the old 2.0 Refund plans for new lines and accounts (they could also be uses to keep a existing 1.0 plan)

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