Can I have a 2nd phone number on my phone?

Can I have a 2nd phone number on my phone? I’d like to put my business number and personal number on the same phone.

Hi @sophiad.qq4ecb and welcome to the Community!

It’s not possible to have more than one Republic number on your phone.

Depending upon which phone you use with Republic, it may be possible to use another provider’s service and Republic service simultaneously. For more on that, we would need to know the brand, model and (if applicable), the generation of the phone in question?

Perhaps, a better solution for putting a second number on your Republic phone would be an app based service. Sideline is one option. If more bells and whistles are desired, Dialpad is worth a look.


Thanks! I need something that will be HIPAA compliant. Can I use Spruce?

Or Grasshopper?

Hi @sophiad.qq4ecb,

In short, I believe the answer is yes.

I’m not personally familiar with either but looking at their respective websites both are, at least in part, app based services available for multiple platforms including Android. There’s nothing about Republic service that would preclude their use.

Thank you!

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