Can I install more memory in a Moto X1 ? ( XT1049 )

This is the phone:

I’m not a Luddite, I just like the phone, it’s done everything I need for the last 7 years and it still works.

But now I would like more storage space. Is this upgradable in any way ? New bigger SIM card or RAM ?

If the phone does what you need it to, there’s nothing wrong with hanging onto it.

In short, no. As an aside SIM cards have a tiny amount of storage and on smartphones store no user content. On some flip phones, contacts and text messages are stored there. The standard for expanding smartphone storage is via a MicroSD card, however, the Moto X1 does not allow for use of a Micro SD card.

Can I plug in an SD card externally through the USB OTG port at the bottom of the XT1049 or is that only for charging and not data?

And if I can tether (supposedly supported but I’ve never done it), can I piggy back on the memory in my laptop, or to the available memory in my Android tablet through BLuetooth or WiFi?
thanks very much

You would need both a USB OTG adapter and a USB MicroSD card reader. A MicroSD card does not plug directly into the X1’s or any other phone’s charging port. Rather than go that route, you’d be better off with this:

This isn’t what tethering does. Tethering allows one to share their phone’s Internet connection with another device typically a computer or a tablet.

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