Can I Install PixelExperience 64bit ROM to solve an app compatibility issue with a Moto G4 & Republic service?

Can I Install PixelExperience 64bit ROM to solve an app compatibility issue with a Moto G4 & Republic service? The Motorola phone is not compatible with the DJI drone app and this issue was solved using this method in a Reddit post. Apparently the moto is 32 bit on 64 bit hardware? Will this brick the phone or cause compatibility issues with Republic?
Copy of post below:

Motorola G5 Plus with DJI Fly App - SOLUTION!

Reddit post link:

Generally third party ROM’s will cause the phone to no longer activate with Republic.
If it does activate it would be unsupported.

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It is also against the Terms and Conditions and could also result in termination of your account.

Supposedly the LG Stylo 5 will work, so I may have to updgrade the phone, as I do not want to go outside of Republic. Is there a way to determine the type of ROM manufactured into the phone (32 vs. 64 bit)?

Unless the manufacturer specifies on the spec sheet I have no idea how one would determine if it’s using android 32/64 bit before a purchase…

However, since the LG Stylo 5 is in the Republic shop you might be able to open a ticket to get an answer about that. No guarantees though.

According to the it looks like your good to give it a go. Found the info you needed under SOC (System on Chip)

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According to the original post the chip can be 64bit yet run 32bit android, like the Moto G5 Plus. So this just tells us it has a 64bit chip.

So, I guess this only shows that the LG Stylo 5 has a 64 bit processor, hopefully a stylo user could cross check using the app and process in a previous discussion where @johnny5 & @rolandh used a free app named Aida64 to check the software in this discussion

Thanks, There are apps that analyze a phone to determine the ROM spec., just hoping to not have to order the phone first to find out.

Understood, you may want to create a separate discussion … ’ Does the LG Stylo 5 use 64 bit OS’ and provide how to determine it using the referenced AIDA64 app

Our Help Team really doesn’t have any additional information beyond what is publicly documented.

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Hi @stevek,

I would typically run to the lab, grab a Stylo 5 and check this for you, but since we’re all working remotely, it’s not quite that easy. I’m checking around to see if I can find a staff member with that phone who can verify whether it’s running as 32- or 64-bit.


@stevek I just checked the LG Stylo 5 and it’s running 64bit.



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