Can I keep contacts on my old phone AND also transfer them to new one?

I have a Moto X
I now also have a Galaxy S9

Is it possible to keep my contacts on my old phone (Moto X) and also move them to my new phone (S9)?

The idea is to move the Moto X to the $5 WiFi only plan & use it at home keeping that number. Have the new S9 become my primary cell phone, moving my current home number to the new S9.
This will eliminate my landline with FIOS & but still preserve my home number.

I realize that the new cell phone comes with a new calling plan. But obviously want to have those contacts on the old phone as well. The next step would be to get RW Home Extend, so my new S9 can also ring in my landline phone hand sets.

Please advise.

Hi @georgev.d20aa9,

If you use a computer to sign into using the same Google account that’s currently on the Moto X, do you see all of your contacts?

If so, then when you sign into that same Google account on the S9, your contacts will sync to that phone. They won’t be taken away from the Moto X.

If the contacts on your Moto X are synced from some other service, like Facebook or Yahoo, then signing into that service on the S9 and allowing syncing would add the contacts to the S9 without moving them away from the X1.


Thank you so very much!
Happy CHRISTmas!

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