Can i keep my $10 plan if i replace my moto g with a moto g power

can i keep my $10 plan if i replace my moto g with a moto g power if not… what phones can i use

Hi @daleb.tap6k2

Replacing one of Republic’s Legacy phones with any of the newer (My Choice) phones will require you to move to the My Choice Plan.

If you mean, to keep your $10 plan it would require you to find another Republic legacy phone. It’s an option some Member have taken. But at this point, none of those old phone are going to be new and their batteries have seen their brighter days.

If you decide to go with that shiny new Moto G Power, this Tips & Tricks article by @amitl should help you :slight_smile:

It was my hope that as the new phone is a moto G it would be grandfathered also

Here is a post describing new and older phones that can be used with current plan and towards the bottom a few much older phones that are eligible for the $10.00 plan. Many of the older phones are no longer available unless purchased used.


The very simple answer is that any phone sold by Republic (or released) since July 2016 requires the new plan.

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