Can I keep my apps, etc if I trade phones with another person on my account?


My husband and I both have the Moto G5. We want to trade phones. I’ve read this support article on how to swap phone numbers (link below), but it doesn’t say anything about what happens with the apps, texts, photos, etc. So if I follow the steps in the support article, will only our phone numbers be swapped, or everything else too?

How to Swap Phone Numbers on the Same Account – Republic Help)


Only the numbers will be swapped if you follow that procedure.


It isn’t possible for Republic to swap anything but the phone numbers for you. Any other swapping will require you to do it manually. Items will have to be backed up and then phones reset and then restored from the other device.


Thanks for your reply. What would happen if we swap SIM cards?


if the phones are CDMA (Sprint) base the swap will not work (CDMA SIMs are link to the phones) (this will be the case if 1 is CDMA and the other is GSM also)
If SIMs are GSM (T-Mobile) based then the Republic Numbers will be swapped

Republic does not use the SIM for personal information only for number account link on GSM and LTE access on CDMA (which the number account is link to the phone via MEID)

Contact should be synced with the Google account (one for each phone owner) setting up Google Photos will back those to the google account also
using Republic anywhere can transfer the last 30 days of text (for more than that you will need a SMS backup app
here some good advice on how to transfer information from a device


Great info. Thanks!


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