Can I make calls and text using a cruise ship wifi with Moto G3 or Moto X2? Has anyone had actual experience on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas?

Our family is going on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean this summer. We have Republic accounts with Moto G3 and Moto X2 phones. Wondering if we can use on ship wifi to make calls and text. If so how should phones be set (airplane mode with wifi turned on is my best guess)? Has anyone had actual experience doing this on Anthem of the Seas?

Cruise ship WiFi is generally satellite backed. Satellite internet generally works poorly for calling. Therefore cruise ship WiFi generally works poorly for calling.

I’ve been on several Royal Caribbean cruises, and internet access is generally expensive and painfully slow. As louisdi says, I believe it is satellite based, and has very limited bandwidth. With many people on it, it’s reminds me of the old days of dial-up, and waiting forever for web pages to load. I would expect that wifi calling would not work.

I would recommend that you not bother with paying for their internet. Go off the grid, become “unreachable” for a few days, and enjoy your vacation and cruise. Everything else about RC is very good, but the internet access is not.

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