Can I make calls from my desktop or tablet?



I had previously used ringplus and they offered a SIP service on top of the cellular service so that you could make or receive calls from non-cellular devices. I actually found this to be a handy feature, but I don’t think everyone would use it. Anyhow, does republic offer a way I can use my number to make calls from my desktop or tablet?


Hi @discord!

Not presently. It’s definitely one of the features that Anywhere will have eventually-just not quite yet!



Hi @discord,

Ah, FluidCall (RingPlus’ variation of SIP calling). Republic does not yet offer an equivalent service for computers or tablets, though Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service does use SIP. Republic is working toward making something similar available via Republic Anywhere. I suggest staying tuned here: Community Forums.

Meanwhile, if you wish to make it look like you’re calling from your Republic number using a computer, you might look at FireRTC, which should (in theory) also work from an Android tablet. It’s a free service, so nothing to lose. More on FireRTC here:


Thanks for the responses guys. @rolandh The anywhere thread seems to be private or the url is broken.


Hi @discord,

There should be an option to join the Anywhere forum. It’s open to all. Do you not see that option?


This is a opt-in group…go to this link
and join the “Republic Anywhere Beta Testers” group
You don’t have to be a beta tester to join this group on the forum.


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