Can I manually cancel my Republic number after Porting out?


I ported my number out from Republic and my FOC date is 4/5/2017 and the port is complete is there any reason that I can’t just cancel my Republic Wireless phone number myself using the Republic web interface? It shouldn’t affect my port or mess up my number if I cancel service manually at Republic since it is already working at my new carrier right?

Republic keeps saying my number will automatically cancel from their system one the port is complete but the FOC date has long passed and my number works at my new carrier just fine with everybody in the world except my wife’s phone that is still on Republic.


Hi @davidb.u1v1k3,

I understand the theory behind what you propose, however, I strongly encourage you not to proactively cancel Republic service. It’s possible you are experiencing what’s known as a period of dual service, where certain things work simultaneously with both Republic and your new service provider. Your wife’s phone not being able to call you at your new service provider is a potential sign your port out has yet to fully complete.

Generally, the sequence of events goes something like this during a transfer.

  1. Almost immediate ability to make outbound calls and send outbound messages with one’s new service provider.
  2. Ability to receive both calls and messages from others using your new service provider.
  3. Ability to receive calls from those using other service providers.
  4. Ability to receive messages from those using other service providers.
  5. Finally, ability to receive both calls and messages from other Republic customers, like your wife.

I agree it’s somewhat unusual for the experience to be persisting this far past firm order commitment (FOC). The most correct means of investigating and resolving the issue is for a porting specialist at your new service provider to contact Republic on your behalf. The service provider gaining one’s business is the responsible party for managing a port. In short, it’s their job and if they are suggesting otherwise, they’re not doing that job.

Nevertheless, I’m quite confident that should you prefer to do so, Republic support will work with you directly. For that, you’ll need to raise a help ticket, which you may do here: Republic Help. Please know, Republic’s porting specialists whose help will likely be required work weekdays business hours for the most part.

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