Can I mirror my Moto e6 to Samsung Smart TV?

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Issue Description

I would like to mirror or cast my Moto e6 screen to my Samsung Smart TV. Both are connected to the same WiFi, but when i select “connect” on my phone, nothing happens.

Hello @bruceh.xsdelq
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It sure looks like it! :slight_smile:
See if these instructions help. One of the comments is having a VPN going might cause an issue.

I tried this but I do not have a “Cast” option when I go to Connected Devices, as shown in the link in your response… There is an option under Connected Devices on my phone for Previously Connected Devices, and when I select that, my TV’s address shows up. When I touch the Connect button there, nothing happens. I have checked and both my phone and my TV are connected to my WiFi.

Humm, I don’t have any of the devices you are using… so I’m going to be guessing like you at this point. :wink:

I would “forget” those “Previously Connected Devices” if you’re able and then try a fresh reconnection.

Hi @bruceh.xsdelq,

We don’t have a Samsung TV or a Moto E6 (we’re running Moto G6s). If your TV supports Wi-Fi Direct, you might be able to set up a connection between your phone and TV to view or play media from your phone by doing the following:

  1. On your TV, set up Wi-Fi Direct. See your TV user guide for instructions. Devices that have Wi-Fi Direct can be connected with each other without any wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot.

  2. On your phone, go to Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences.
    Touch Advanced > Wi-Fi Direct.

You’ll see a list of enabled devices that are within range and compatible. Touch the TVs name to connect.

See if this works with your system. Others might have some suggestions too! We don’t cast or mirror much to our TV.

Hi @bruceh.xsdelq,

Have you been able to cast from your Moto E6 to your Samsung Smart TV yet? It looks to me like you’d need to install Samsung’s SmartView app on the phone, since it’s not a Samsung phone.

This URL will surely solve your query:

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