Can I move a moto g5 sim to a Galaxy S7 edge?

Was gifted an unlocked VZ Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to replace a RW moto g5 - are the sims compatible? Last time I upgraded RW phones the sims just swapped and reactivated - is this too much to hope for ?! :slight_smile:

Hi @markl.pmyahv,

I’m afraid it’s not a matter of whether or not the SIM card can be moved.
The Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy phone is not compatible with Republic Wireless.


Hello, I didn’t quite understand this answer. How can you call it Verizon-branded when the phone is unlocked?

I have had issues with using the sim card from my old Moto G5 plus in my new Samsung galaxy. My wife which has a Moto G5 plus too was able to call me as normal, but when I call her I get a busy signal. Also when I send her an sms my number appear differently than it “really” is. Does this mean I am not going to be able to have my sim card work as it used to in my new phone?

What can I do to keep my number in my new phone?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Agre,

The person who asked the question originally described the phone as a “VZ Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.” I’m taking the letters “VZ” to mean “Verizon.” If the phone is carrier-branded with the Verizon logo, it has a different model number than the S7 Edge we support, and will not work with our service, even if it has been unlocked.

Tell us more about your situation, please. What is the model number of your phone? Have you installed the messages app by Google :messages: ? The Samsung Messages app :sammy: is not supported and will send your text messages from a number other than your Republic number.

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