Can I move my SIM card?

In my area we have better cdma coverage than gsm. Can I install my CDMA sim card from my moto G5plus into an unlocked Moto G Stylus?

Hi @rbever41 and welcome to the Member Community. It is not recommended to swap CDMA SIM cards.

But there is a method of requesting a CDMA SIM

Hope this helps!

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Hi @rbever41,

To be clear, it’s not a matter of recommendation. CDMA SIM card cannot be moved from one phone to another while they are in-service. Even if de-activated first, moving a CDMA SIM card from one phone to another is not a sure thing. We have many varieties of CDMA SIM cards with very specific compatibility limitations. Our CDMA SIM card that is compatible with a G5+ is not compatible with a Moto G Stylus.

I’m also concerned about this:

If this is a carrier-branded phone that has been “unlocked”, it will not be able to be activated on our service.

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