Can I move sim card from Galaxy s7 edge to unlocked S10e?

I am thinking of buy a new phone (not from republic) and am wondering if I can simply install the sim card that is in my current Galaxy S7 to a 10e? Or do I have to buy a new sim card? Would install process be automatic on the new phone or are there pitfalls associated with the swap approach?

the answer is maybe
changing phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM network feature so you can only do this if the SIM in the S7 is GSM
to check open the Republic app on the S7 and go to the setting tab :gear: and about, the SIM type is listed under the phone number.

If GSM just move the SIM over and install the Republic app on the S10e and step though the mini activation.

If CDMA then you can request a CDMA SIM by opening a ticket provide the IMEI number and a few address the phone is used around.

also make sure your getting the North American version of the S10e (SMG970U1)

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These are both GSM US phones so, if the advice is on target, it should work. The next question is what happens when I boot up the new phone with the old SIM. Will it go through the same transfer number to new phone routine it did when I got the S7? Or will I have to jump through some other hoops to make this happen?

Both those phone can use either CDMA or GSM depending on the type of SIM it it.
Republic has to different carrier partners one is GSM (T-Mobile) and if the SIM in your S7 is GSM it will work by just swapping the SIM
the other partner is CDMA (Sprint) if the SIM in the S7 is CDMA then you will need a New SIM
see my post above to find how to find which SIM your S7 has.
both those phones my have GSM

Thanks! I guess I have t mobile since my S7 shows a gsm SIM. Should be good to go. If I can find the darn SIM door tool…

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if you can’t find a SIM tool a small paper clip can also work


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