Can I move the SIM from the old Moto X to a Moto G4?


My fiancé has an old moto x, I am looking to upgrade her to the G4 for Christmas. Is it a simple SIM card swap out or is there more to it?



the SIM in the Moto X must stay with that phone (a CDMA phone the SIM is just access to LTE network when phone is registered on the network it does not link the phone to your account or number)

you need to buy a Republic 3.0 SIM

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or

from Amazon Republic-Wireless-Starter-Prepaid-Carrier

then activate as a line replacement Activate My Phone

also note you most likely be moving to the GSM network for the Moto G4 Coverage Check GSM | Republic Wireless

also the Moto G4 needs a 3.0 Plan No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless


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