Can I order a phone but not activate it until I need it?

I have a 1st gen Moto X under a 1.0 plan. I plan on keeping it until it finally gives up the ghost. 4+ years and two factory resets later, I think that day might not be too far off. I was looking at the sale going on right now and contemplating buying the 4th gen Moto X, but not activating it until my current phones finally dies. However, reading through all the fine print, it looks like I would have to order it under my account and it would be considered activated the day it is delivered. Is there a way to order it without activating it and switching over to it immediately or will I just have to wait it out?

You will pay for the phone when you order and for the plan when you Activate the phone per this Republic FAQ: When do you charge my card? – Republic Help

Right. But my understanding is I have to select the plan when I order the phone and it is considered activated the day it is delivered, if I want to keep the same number and account.

Therefore, there is no way to order a new phone but not upgrade from the old phone until it is needed. I would have to select a new plan to order the phone and it would upgrade the plan when the new phone is delivered, making the old phone no longer useable.

You are not understanding right, the plan selection during ordering is only a placeholder, one does not have to keep that plan when phone is activated, one will not start paying for it until the phone is ordered

there is no Plan selection in the current Republic store It’s all done on activation

I wouldn’t recommend doing this until you’re ready to go ahead and do a phone/plan upgrade. A phone in the bank is not as practical or enjoyable as a phone in use. It might be time to treat yourself to a better user experience.

A delayed activation will work but remember the RW return/refund policy is basically limited to 14 days and Moto’s warranty is 1 year. The market prices of the X4s are likely to remain close to the current sale price or decline in the future. If you want a spare in case the X1 dies there are much less expensive alternatives.


Hi @dcal,

This is how things worked on our legacy phones. Could you point me toward the fine print you are reading, so I can look into whether this is something that needs to be updated. @jben has answered you accurately as to our current process. The new phone is not activated nor a plan billed for it, until you take action to activate it.

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You no longer select a plan during ordering, not even as a placeholder.

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I updated (this is what happens when one BYOD instead of ordering though Republic one’s information gets stale

That’s good to know. I’ll most likely be ordering a new phone today. The reason I haven upgraded to a nicer phone yet is that I’ll either have cut my data useage in half or pay an extra 180 dollars a year for the same service I have now. I know all the tricks for wifi, but that doesn’t really help that much when you travel for work and wind up at sites where cell service is the only option for the duration of a project. Anyways, The fine print I was referring to was “Activation Date” in the terms and conditions quoted below.

“Activation Date” means the date that (a) Republic Wireless or an Authorized Retailer ships or otherwise delivers to You Your Mobile Device; or (b) if you have not purchased Your Mobile Device from Republic Wireless or an Authorized Retailer, the date that you select a Service Plan.

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Thanks. I’ll ask our legal team to review that language. Kudos for taking the time to really study all the fine print!


Thank you for getting me updated info. I work with construction contracts for a living, were one line snuck into the fine print can be hundreds of thousands of dollars of difference. I can’t not read fine print on anything anymore. It makes me really popular at banks and doctors offices.


If you are on the original billing plan or the Republic Refund plan, there are no new phones that will work with those plans. For the way I use my phone, I continue to prefer the original plan so continue to use an older Moto X.

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