Can i put my motoX (2nd generation) sim card in any new/refurbished unlocked phone, as long as this new/refurbished phone is on the approved republic list?

I cracked my screen, so I need a new phone. Don’t want to spend a ton so thought I could go to a cellphone store and buy an unlocked refurbished phone.

no any 2.0 SIM needs to stay in the phone they cam with (only GSM 3.0 can swap phones by just moving the SIM cards) any used Legacy phone (Moto X 1/2, G 1/3, or E 1/2) can be used as a replacement on your current plan and should already have a SIM if they support 4G LTE (if phone support 4G LTE and doesn’t have a SIM contact support to get one linked to the Phone

all BYOD of 3.0 are GSM and have different coverage (that of T-Mobile) if you order a CDMA compatible 3.0 phone from Republic you should get a CDMA version of the Phone assuming your are in an area with roaming or no coverage of Sprint

CDMA compatible phones are the Nexus 5X/6P, Moto G4/G4+/G4Play/X Pure, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7Edge

Hi @oliviai.zh3icw,

In addition to @drm186’s advice, some Republic documentation that may help:

  1. Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs
  2. Republic Wireless Coverage
  3. Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones
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