Can I put my Republic internet service on my lap top?

I was told I could put my phone internet service onto my computer, however the individual telling me this did not know how to do it. Please help.

I believe you’re talking about tethering, or, creating a WiFi hotspot from your phone that you can connect to with your computer. That should be possible. Specifically how you do this depends on what version of Android your phone has. See


@beachb’s reference should help you … but be aware this is for Tethering your ‘Cell’ data … and using it on another device … it will allow you the ability to burn through your$5 a GB data


Hi @kathleenc.rav4kg

They may have been speaking about RW Anywhere. It’s a texting platform that allows you to send and receive texts from across multiple devices.
You can also make and receive phone calls across devices, but that feature is in Beta right now, although it seems to be working very well.

I did It! Thanks Kathleen


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