Can i recover deleted texts on my Samsung j7?

What phone do you have? Samsung J7
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

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Can I recover deleted texts on a Samsung J7? I have already tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

Hi @carleyb.qubimf!

I’m afraid we will need more information.

I can tell you from observation that if text’s are not backed-up, they are generally lost forever, excluding forensic examination.

Anywhere can recover texts for 30 days (if not currently installed the install should do this or one can re-sync though the settings/advance settings) , after that if they were not backed up there gone (one can see the numbers texted on the call log in the account portal.

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Hi @drm186,

For clarity, Anywhere is not meant to be a text back-up and restoration solution.

I deleted a bunch of text messages from my phone. I then uninstalled and re-installed the app. The app installed with the same text messages that were remaining on my phone when Anywhere was uninstalled. So there’s no restoration at that point.

When you click the “Resync messages from server” option, you’re presented with this warning:

Let me just tell you, that warning is not kidding. Messages on the phone that are older than those on the server are lost forever. We’ve seen some very upset support tickets from people who chose not to believe the warning.

I’ve re-synced my messages, and yes, some of the very recent messages I had deleted from the phone are now restored, but nothing older than 30 days is now on the phone. So we want to be careful when suggesting resyncing the content, to point out that older text messages will be lost permanently.

There really is no good way to restore deleted text messages. If anyone typically has text messages that are of importance, regular back-ups with a third-party app are going to be the best practice.


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