Can I remove myself from Auto Payment?

Sometimes my checking account is being over drawn due to the Auto payment setup. Is there anyway to opt out of Auto pay? I’ve tried to edit my payment info but it doesn’t give me an option to choose Auto pay or Not… Thanks in advance for any help.

No, there isn’t a way to opt out of auto pay.


See this for more alternative payment options


Thanks for the info. Unless I misunderstood your reply I’m not worried about security. I already have a debit card for my payment. The main issue is sometimes I forget about the auto pay each month when they remove it from my bank account. I have received too many $35.00 over draft charges and just want to pay each month RW by myself, like I do with all my other bills. It’s been too many years to remember if I had the option when I opened my account to go auto pay or not. I’ve searched the FAQ and came up with zero help. Doesn’t seem fair I should be Forced to be on auto pay. No other company does it.

REALLY? Doesn’t seem fair that I’m Forced to be on auto pay each month using my debit card. Every online business I do online with gives us a option. There’s gotta be a way around it. How about if I choose to pay Before the next payment is due? Is there an option to do that?

Unfortunately there are no other options available at this time. RW likely has a payment partner that doesn’t support many options.



There is not a way around it. One way Republic keeps costs down is by not having to chase its customer base for payment every month.


You could always talk with your bank about removing the ability to overdraft. My current banking setup will not allow me to overdraft at all.


Most MVNOs will require auto pay to save $5 from their plans, there is a cost to process manual payments and for collections [in addition to the cost to disconnect and reconnect for non payment and then payment]
To avoid overdraw charges set a reminder a day or 2 before your billing date

HI @wahyut.7nwg9i
I personally pay revolving accounts & one time payment’s online with I get virtual credit cards right out of whatever account I decide to use. I save the cards in my Privacy account and can reuse the cards made over and over again or one time and kill the card. The neat thing with Privacy is it will not let a payment out larger than I have pre-approved. I get emails noting payments being withdrawn so I am in the know 24/7 on what’s happening to my money. My wife always wants to know how I know she spent money & how much too. I won’t tell her I just say I am psychic. Her opinion I am just psycho but who isn’t when money is going places I want to know!

Another option is have a second account and auto pay from the main account to the second account the amount that RW will charge. Then let RW debit the second account so you don’t have overages. Make sure to set the account to not pay if money isn’t available. RW lets you pay within 30 days if funds aren’t available. This will solve your issue then pay when your next paycheck goes into your account…

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I wrote the alternative payments blog which has been linked in this discussion. I suggest you take a closer look at Like your debit card, the payment source will be your checking account. Unlike your debit card, you may pause payments on the Privacy virtual card. If you choose to do so, payment will be declined without overdrawing your bank account.

Depending on how late your payment to Republic is, you may end up with suspended or even canceled service. More here from Republic: When Will My Account Be Suspended for Non-Payment? – Republic Help.

Regarding perceived fairness. Most prepaid services would suspend service the moment one is late paying. I know for a fact that’s precisely what happens with my T-Mobile prepaid account, which I maintain in addition to Republic service.


Thanks everyone for your input. All are good answers. I know it is my fault for living pay check to pay check and I have to watch every out going penny. I’m just so use to paying ALL my bills at my choosing when the funds are most available. But like a few here stated, if it keeps the cost down with auto pay then I’m all for it. My current B.O.A. bank is real ■■■ nines about charging extra fees and you have to twist their arm off to get over draft protection. They want you to have a seperate savings account to cover the checking account over drafts. And of coarse there’s a fee involved for transferring money now from savings to checking. I’d of dropped the Bank a long time ago but I travel over seas every year and they have their banks in that Country. Come on Trump with that tax cut. I need the extra money. Lol Thanks all.

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Can you get a hold of a credit card ? That’s what I use, and it builds in slack for paying the bills.

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