Can I replace my Moto E2 with a new unlocked Moto E4 and not lose my current monthly deal? Thanks



I have a Moto E (Black) (2nd Gen.) and it only has 8GB internally, and I can not have more than 7-10 extras apps downloaded, because I keep running out of space.

I bought a SD card with 32GB, and I put all my pictures, and using setup I was able to move Candy Crush Saga, Instagram, Photos, and 2 other apps, but problem number 1 when updated they keep going back to internal storage, so I have to keep moving them back to the SD card. And since I can not move any other Google products out of my internal storage, I keep running out of space ALL the time.

I will like to go to a store and buy for example a “Moto E4 Smart Phone with 16GB Memory (Unlocked) - Black” and replace my current device, will it this be possible, just to take the SIM from my current device and install it on the new device? I don’t want to loose my current monthly deal I have of all unlimited, but it seems every time I want to replace my phone I loose my current $25 monthly rate for unlimited everything…

Please advise, regards, Carlos J.


No, sorry, all of the new phones go on the new plans. You will need a new SIM with the new phone. BYOD phones work with the GSM carrier so if you buy a phone from some place other than RW you will be changing from Sprint to T=Mobile.



Depending upon the amount of cell data you use you may find the My Choice plan to be comparably priced or less. Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless…$25 per month with My Choice would allow unlimited calls/texts and 2 GB of cell data. If/when additional data may be needed it can be added at anytime for $5 per GB.

Unlocked phones purchase elsewhere must be of the correct model to work with RW. …Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help… Some of the phones can only be activated with RW’s GSM and others GSM or CDMA. …Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

Good luck transitioning from your E2.


Thanks guys!!! I suppose I will have to bite the bullet eventually and buy another Moto at RW.


even if you by a new Moto from Republic you will be giving up your current plan
only the Legacy phones can be used on those legacy plans
Legacy phones can still be found on the used market

Legacy phones are the Moto X 1st, Moto G 2nd, Moto E 1st, Moto E 2nd, and Moto G 1st and Moto G 3rd


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