Can I Request a Specific Phone Number?


I’ve been a RW costumer for a quite a few years now but recently had to cancel my plan for a few months because of certain issues with the phone and I could not afford a new one.

Now that it’s Black Friday, I ordered a new phone, which means I’ll set up a new plan, and was wondering if I could request my old phone number? Is there any way going about this?


in most cases if it is less than 30 days then there is still a chance that the number has not been recycled yet and by opening a help ticket you may
be able to get the number back
after 30 days highly unlikely

but open a help ticked and ask, doesn’t hurt to ask…

if it has been given out and the receiver of the number is with an RW customer and they have not had it that long you may, going through RW support be able to talk them into getting a new number and releasing your number than RW support can make it so…

lot of ifs and maybes


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