Can I retain my old phone plan when using a Moto X Pure phone?I

CAN I retain my phone plan that I’ve had for years with my Motors X 2 when I upgrade and connect to a Motors X Pure phone. I’ve read that I could since my plan is grandfathered. But someone told me otherwise. Most of the usage of my phone, 98%, is using WIFI. Why is there a difference anyway?.

your current grandfather plans can only used on legacy phone {Moto X 1st, 2nd, Moto G 1st, 3rd, Moto E 1st, 2nd}

all 3.0 phones need to use 3.0 plans No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless

Why is there a difference anyway?

RW had so many requests for faster ROM updates and unlocked phones that they responded by implementing hybrid calling outside of the kernel. So now there’s no more waiting for Moto to build new ROMs to implement fixes in it and no more phones locked to RW service. And not everyone wanted Sprint coverage either.

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