Can I return my replacement phone if the new plans do not work for me?


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[/quote]pardon my hijacking your post (assuming I’m successful) but I’m interested in trying a new phone on the new plan. I would be replacing a motox under a refund plan. Question is “Would I be able to reactivate my old phone, as it was, and return the new phone if it didn’t work for me.?” Don’t know how to post question to Republic.

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@hossie - You can do exactly that! You have 14 days to try the new phone and plan, then return the phone for a full refund (less the cost of initial shipping) if it doesn’t work out. You can simply reactivate the old phone as a replacement for the one you’re returning, and that will move the number back.


When does the 14 days start counting? Concerned with shipping both ways if it doesn’t work out.


the 14 days starts the day the phone arrives, once the the request to return the clock also stops (no need to worry about return shipping time

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