Can I reuse my sim card for a new phone?


I currently use a MotoX 1st gen on the Republic 2.0 plan. I have purchased an unlocked Google Pixel 2 to use with Republic’s BYOP. I need to know if I can use the sim card out of the MotoX to activate the new Pixel 2?


No, the Moto X 1 gen SIM is not compatible. You will need to purchase a SIM from Republic Wireless or Amazon.

SIMs from Republic Wireless are currently free while supplies last:

Once you receive the SIM you can use this link for a walk through on Activation:


Thank you for the information. I ordered the SIM card from Republic when I ordered the phone from the Google store, but the SIM card hasn’t shipped yet, nor do I have any estimate on when it will ship. The wait to begin the activation on the new phone is hard.


There has been some delays with shipping due to bad weather. I can appreciate your eagerness to get your phone activated. Hopefully it will show up before the next storm slams the East Coast.


There have been cases where the SIM was received even before shipping information was updated

I will also say Republic Shipping of SIM is not the fastest out there (but may be more economical for both Republic and their customers) which is why when I upgrade my phone with a BYOD I used the Amazon version (got it before I got the phone as I ordered on a Saturday got the SIM on Monday and the Phone on Wednesday)
When I need to convert the Phone to CDMA (for coverage at work) it took 7 days for the SIM sent by Republic support to arrive)

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You should have been sent a tracking number. It looks to be moving along. I will PM it to you.

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