Can I root my RW Moto Z Play to Android 9?

I know this isn’t officially supported, but I wanted to know if it’s “safe” to root my Moto Z Play so I can put Android 9 on and then 10 when it’s released? I know it’s not “officially supported”, but I just wanted to know if anyone has rooted a Republic Wireless phone before?

I know it voids the warranty, and I’ll check to make sure mine is already ended, but assuming it has, has anyone done this before? If possible I wouldn’t mind help on doing it, but I’m not expecting that. I’d just like to know if it’s been done before? I rooted my Nexus 10 several years ago and it was fine. I really just want to know if it’s possible to do? I know that it’s dangerous, I just don’t want to needlessly brick my phone, that’s all.

The only reason I wish to do this is to upgrade to the latest Android OS. I just bought my wife a Moto G6 and it automatically upgraded to Android 9 and I love it, but mine will only upgrade to 8 unless you know of a way I can upgrade to 9 at least without rooting it of course!

Thanks in advance!

There is no official newer OS for that phone model.
Updates are determined by the manufacture.

The Moto Z play came out in 2016 and has reached its lifetime for major OS updates.
For those mid range models, typical 2 major os update since release. It came out with 6.0. So 8.0 is the latest OS for that model. There is no plans for Moto to upgrade that model, that i can find.

Only via a Custom non Moto OS rom flashed to the phone can u get a newer OS.
Custom roms will not work on RW.
The RW app will not function.
The RW app checks the software version and build on the device, to see if it is compatible or has been modified.
Using a flashed phone on RW is not supported and violates their Service Agreement, and is subject to account termination.

If you wish to use the latest OS, then I suggest you buy a Pixel phone. The 3a model is quite affordable.

Rooting a phone and flashing a custom rom are separate things.
Rooting a phone, does not just make it run a newer OS.
There are several more steps involved, like unlocking the bootloader, flashing custom recovery…and it has to be for that exact model, and it is very easy to brick the device if not done by someone who knows what they are doing


I know I asked this before, but I’d REALLY like a more indepth answer. So I respect what people are saying that it wasn’t designed for that, but I bought an Nexus 10 back when it first came out. I forget which Android OS was the final version it upgraded to…something like Android 4 or 5. Anyway, I rooted it and put 6 on there. So, it did not have cellular capability so no nothing like that, but I did put a new TWRP ROM in it, and it worked (still does, but we don’t use it anymore) along with Android 6 I think it was.

I realize this voids the warranty on a device but mine was already up when I did that. I’m very familar with computers and electronics but usually more on the hardware end of things, but I fix and build new and old computers since the Commodore 64 I first got as a kid.

My point is I have experience with certain things, others, like rooting, I’ve only done with the Nexus 10, but I can do it. I obviously do not want to brick my phone and I know Motorola doesn’t exactly like you to root their devices. Look, finances are tough right now and I don’t have the money to buy a new phone and won’t for the foreseeable future. That said, when we do, I’ll probably be buying the very cheapest thing out there.

I just don’t want to be told something to disuade me from doing it. I saved all my money to buy my wife a new Moto G6 on ebay. It was a gamble, but it worked and it works great. It is VERY fast. According to the specs my Moto Z Play is nearly equivalent to it and in fact is superior slightly, but it’s so much faster than my Z Play and it has Oreo on it. Mine is slow, I don’t have that many notifications on it and I believe Android 9 is much more efficient.

I just want to know if I can root the device safely (I know the safe part has to do what I choose and how I do it) perform it without bricking it. I doubt anyone is going to tell me this here, but is there a specific ROM that is safer for it? I’m not asking anyone how to do it, I just need an upgrade without buying a new phone.

Thanks so much!

Rooting has nothing directly related to do with the OS version or updating it to a newer version.
If the manufacture has not released a newer ROM for that phone, then it does not exist and u can not update to it.
Rooting is only but one of many steps required to flash a custom rom made by some one else, onto a phone. It is a very technical process, with exact specific instructions for each phone model and sub variant.

In fact, back in my days of doing all the mods and custom roms, older phones hardware often make the newer OSs run poorly. The newer OS is designed for the newer hardware.

U are free to do what u please to your own phone…

But just know that once you modify your phone, it can not be used on and will not be compatible with RW service.

If the phone u want to modify is not active on RW, like a spare phone that is not in use… then it would not affect your RW service.

This is not a well knowledgeable community with techy folks that root and mods their phones…if you want that , go over to XDA Forums for your exact phone model. Lots of info over there.

Also suggest having a backup phone to use in case something goes wrong and the phone no longer functions (is bricked) as they call it.


OK, thanks, I just felt like the reply to my original post meant well, but I wasn’t sure it seemed like I was being deterred from doing it because it was looked down upon rather than it actually caused a problem but I wasn’t sure. I’m still not certain but it does make sense that it would stop a working phone for RW. BTW, I realize rooting a phone just gives it admin privileges vs installing a new ROM, which I should have just said that. That does make sense because phones that work with RW use a custom ROM, don’t they? If they do, then that makes sense.

Let me know if that’s right, because if it is, that makes sense. I’m not a programmer but that would make sense if that’s the case. I just would like to know the specific reason why a custom wrong won’t work unless that is that is the reason. Thanks!

No. Modern Phones on RW do not use a custom ROM.
They are the same North American Factory unlocked phones u buy from the manufacture.

Only the old, discontinued Legacy phones back in the day, (the Moto G1, G3, X1, X2…) had a custom ROM on the phone and were only available from Republic.
All that changed with the introduction of the the Current My Choice Plan and BYOP.

However, this does not mean that a random custom ROM will work on your phone.
The RW app checks the phone to see if it is modified, and if it detects as much, it will not allow u to use the phone on RW service. Simple as that.

RW does not support nor has anyway to know any one of the many custom roms made by random folks on the internet, will play with RW’s unique and patented service and features.
RW service relies on certain things in the Stock Factory Android OS to functionthings that many custom roms remove or mess with.

If you wish to use a phone with a custom ROM on it, you will need to seek service via a traditional carrier…but even then, you will get no support from them if you have any issues.


Why not just do a factory reset first. Your Moto Z play is ~3 years old and has probably accumulated a lot of ■■■■ over those years. Why not try starting fresh with a factory reset before attempting to root and flash? You’re going to have to pretty much start over if you go the root and flash route anyway.


Hi @kevinp.xxsngb,

I’ve moved your follow-up question in to the original topic, just to keep the conversation in one place. (Just a housekeeping matter, not meant to be judgmental or punitive at all.)

It looks like you’ve gotten some pretty good clarity in this conversation, but I wanted to chime in with a staff voice and make sure you aren’t left with any lingering doubts or concerns.

It’s really not a matter of anyone’s opinion about rooting, flashing, or modding. It’s about making sure you don’t “break” the compatibility with Republic Wireless’ service, if your goal is to continue to have RW service on that phone.

Because of our unique hybrid approach to blending Wi-Fi and cellular calling, we evaluate and quality test the official builds released by the manufacturers and support those builds for use on our network. Other builds cannot be activated on our service, and an activated phone that is moved to a non-supported build will eventually be blocked from the network, as well. This is not to say we have a corps of evil engineers scanning databases, looking for rogue phones to block, but that the RW app will eventually need to communicate with our servers, and in doing so, an automated process will recognize an unsupported build and block the phone from the network.

And before you ask (because it has been asked before), no, we can’t have individuals test their phones on different builds so that we can approve those builds… it’s a great idea, and I’d love to see a whole space in Community dedicated to user mods and custom builds, but even “user testing” would require a fairly significant engineering resource commitment, something we just don’t have available at this time.


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