Can I run Republic Anywhere and MightyText Simultaneously?


I have been using MightyText Pro for several years. I would like to try Anywhere but, before making a decision to drop MightyText, can I run both apps simultaneously for a month or two?


Yes & No, You can one or the other or switch back and forth. (read below)

Do I have to use the Anywhere app on my phone, or can I use another messaging app?

For the full experience, you’ll need to use the Anywhere app as your default SMS/MMS app on your phone. If you use a third party messaging app as your default, messages sent to and from you using your phone will still sync to your computer, but any messages sent from your computer will not sync to your phone.

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Anywhere can be used on a computer with out being the default app on the phone but any messages sent from that computer will not show up on the Phone

for best comparison I would run one week on Anywhere then switch to Mighty Text for a week (repeat until you decide which is better)

you did not say which phone your on but note on Legacy phone anywhere converts text to IP based and not using the cell text channel, All texting on 3.0 phones are already IP based .

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From memory, I don’t recall MightyText requiring that one run a specific messaging app on the phone. If I’m right about that, setting Anywhere as the default messaging app on your phone should allow you to use Anywhere and MightyText simultaneously on your computer. I’m not sure how well it will all sync up.

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Thank you, drm186, two followup questions:

  1. I don’t know what a “Legacy” phone is - mine is a Moto X(1) running the refund plan;

  2. What does “IP based” mean?

Looking forward to your reply,


Thank you for your reply, rolandh.

MightyText allows you to choose your texting app on your phone, although right now I am using theirs called “SimpleText” but I used to use Google’s “Messages” with it so it sounds like I could run MT on my computer and AnyWhere on my phone, is that what you mean?

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You’re welcome!

Precisely. I am surprised to hear SimpleText works with Republic. Do you experience any issues with MMS (picture and group messaging)?


Legacy Phones are those ruing 1.0 and 2.0 plans, the custom ROM Moto X (1st, and 2nd), Moto E (1st, and 2nd), and Moto 3 (1st, and 3rd).
text on legacy phones use the Sprint SMS sub channel (non data) if your phone is not on WiFi when the text arrives where IP uses a data channel (either WiFi or cell data {which you are not charged for})


drm186, I think I am understanding you to say that my Moto X (without any numbers after it) will work with this effort of switching between MightyText and Anywhere on/off a weekly basis as a trial; that behind the scenes it will work somewhat differently than on the newer model phones but that I will not notice the difference and it will not interfere with my comparison test.

Have I got that right? If so, I am going to go ahead and install Anywhere and do the alternate weekly comparison.


Basically, when using mighty text your phone will work as it does now, when using anywhere the phone will work like the new phone on Republic, this is all done in the background and you really shouldn’t notice the difference


Okay, thanks I’m going to try it!

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