Can I sell my Motorola x 2nd and can that user activate it on the 2.0 plan?

Can I sell my old Republic Wireless Motorola x 2nd? Can that user activate it on the 2.0 plan?

How long will the 2.0 plan work with this phone?

Yes, but make sure you leave the sim card in the phone. It does not have any of your personal info on it. A new owner cannot activate it without the card. No one knows the answer to your second question but I would predict several years.

Good evening @erics.9lb9lw!

Yes, you can most certainly sell the phone! As long as the device has not been reported stolen to Republic, the buyer should be able to activate it just fine. In regards to your other question, Republic has no plans to discontinue the 2.0 plans for legacy devices. You can read this document for more information in regards to selling a used device. Hope that helps! Merry Christmas!


Hi. I need a new Moto X second gen legacy,mine was just stolen.

Can you contact me at and we can discuss

Hi @lionelc.i1e8ds!

First off, you may want to remove your email. It’s better that those don’t get posted . Sccondly, I would recommend looking for a Republic Moto X 2nd gen in eBay or Swappa. Republic does not carry those in their store anymore so you can only buy them from 3rd parties. As long as the phone is not reported stolen and is a Republic edition, it should activate just fine. If you would like, you can DM any of us. However, I am not sure there is much we can do besides point you to the places to buy a replacement. Lastly, have you tried to locating your device use Android Device Manager? If you locate it using ADM, you will be able to ring, lock, erase it, or post a message on the phone. I have personally used it before and it worked. Just never go try to retrieve it at a residential address without law enforcement. Hope that helps!


To protect both of us I can sell it on ebay and point out the listing to you. The phone was used working great when I left RW. What happened is I knew RW was allowing BYOD and I bought my son a 6p before RW officially announced. When RW officially announced 3.0 phones they also revealed the 2.0 map was not going to work with the new phone.

3.0 coverage would not work for us so, I scrambled to get him on a low cost plan with his new phone. The best deal I could find required all of us to be on the same plan so we needed to leave RW. I am excited for an existing RW customer to get this phone as only a RW customers can appreciate this is the best 2.0 phone that still works with the 2.0 plan that uses the 2.0 map.

I think RW sends emails when someone posts, so I may still have your email address.

Let me know if you’re still interested.


Yes. I am interested. I like but either will do. List it and then send me the listing number and I will move on it.

Both sites will want photos

How old is the phone?

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Do you have a account with feedback? How about ebay history? If you want we can switch to email.

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I am lecrotin@gmail.

My eBay ID is allycom

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