Can I send an animated gif on my phone?

I have been trying to send an animated gif in a text message (have never tried this before), but I keep getting this message: “Unfortunately, messaging has stopped.” Is there a setting I need to change, or is this not possible with my phone? I have a Moto X 2nd Gen, and my plan is Republic Refund .5GB plan.

RW allows animated gifs up to 1MB…is your animated gif larger than that?

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note: sending gif from one RW phone to another gif came out ok
sending same gif from RW phone to another on a different provider, came out as a picture…

seems as @amitl stated size limit along with the provider your sending it to…

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How do I find out how big it is? After I’ve located a gif through the search function, the only option I see is to click on it, which generates the error message. I don’t see any option to find out how large the image is.

I tried looking it up…but I couldn’t locate how to find out the size of the gifs…maybe someone else with experience with gifs can chime in.

I use Whatsapp App for most of my texting…works great for me…never had any issues with media files like gifs, photos and videos… I know that doesn’t help your current issue…but just something to consider for future use.
Whatsapp requires that the other user you are communicating with also needs to have the app installed.

Hi @kayem.00bsx7,

I was able to duplicate the “Unfortunately, messaging has stopped” when trying to send an animated GIF on a Moto X 2nd Gen using the messaging app, but I have no trouble sending them using Republic Anywhere or Android Messages, which are the two messaging apps we officially support.

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Thank you! I didn’t realize there were different choices for texting apps. I have now installed Republic Anywhere and am using it – it works just fine to send animated gifs!


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